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About Streamworks

Stream Works is a video production company that specializes in live event videography. We can stream your video to any platform. We work with individuals, organizations, and companies to capture ideas and stories and share them with the world.

Traditional video is cool in our eyes too. Interviews, promotions, commercials, music videos, short film are all in our wheelhouse.

We shoot all of our content in 4K in order to ensure the optimal quality is achieved so your work is preserved.


View some of our past video projects and events below

Livestream Pricing

Type of Stream # of Cameras
Other Features
Simple 1 File delivered at end of stream $1500
Basic 2 Everything from Simple plus Powerpoint integration $2250
Advanced 3 Everything from Basic plus the ability to add Skype and a second CDN (Facebook Live, Youtube, Twitter, etc) $3500

Prices are baseline for a single day in one room. They include setup and breakdown time and is based on a 10 hour day. Rental fees for additional equipment may be necessary. Pricing does not include sound, lights, or additonal video editing or audio mixing/mastering. All pricing is subject to change

Contact StreamWorks

Feel free to contact us via our form to get a quote and ask other questions about having your film or event produced by us!